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Master's Projects at Texas Woman's University

Rosalia Liu, Analysis of Natural Waters for Selected Trace Metals (1965-6)

Atsuko Isizawa, Spectral Studies of Selected Aromatic Compounds (1964-5)

Undergraduate Research at Texas Woman's University

Nancy Rodman, Beer's Law Deviation Study (1964)

Undergraduate Research at North Central College

William H. Robinson, Shifts in Bands in the Infrared Spectra of Selected Compds. (1968)

Neal Smith, Titrations with Strong Reducing Agents (1968)

Curtis Shimp, Evaluation of Titration Analyses with Logarithmic Concentration Diagrams (1968)

Len Schoeneer, Study of Film Properties (1969)

Vee Pendergraff, Polarographic Analysis of Selected Organic Acids (1970)

Margaret Otto, Titration of Rhenium (VII) with Ce(II) Solutions (1971)1

John Atkinson, Development of Apparatus for Differential Thermal Analysis (1971)

Michael Purcell, A Method for Recovery of Silver Metal from Silver Chloride (1972)

Joseph Garman, Preparation of Selected Cobalt Complexes and Spectral Studies (1976)1,2

Mike Burnson, Preparation of Selected Transition Metal Complexes (1977)1

Debra Pyne, Preparation of Selected Manganese Complexes (1979)1

Brooke Schwartz, A Study of the Oxidation Compounds of Vanadium (1983)

David Smith, Quantitative Analysis of Magnesium (1984)1

Howard Greenberg, Development of Computer Programs for Analytical Chemistry (1985)1,2

Rebecca Slovoboda, The Chemistry of Selected Art Glazes (1985)

Susan Maass, The Extraction and Identification of Alleopathic toxin in Association with Larrea tridentata (1985)1,R

Greg Walls, A Study of the Effect of Light on the Color of Selected Metal Complexes (1986)

Tim Burch, Application of Certain Biotechneques (1988)1

Randy Fronek, Application of Certain Biotechneques (1989)1,2,$

Linda Pagano, Analysis of Cereals for Iron (1989)

Richard Baldino, Analysis of Natural Waters for Organic Compounds (1989)H

Kim Sorenson, Application of Certain Biotechneques (1990)1

John Jackson, Application of Certain Biotechneques (1991)1

Tim Torkelson, A Photometric Study of Metal Oxalate Complexes (1993)1

Samuel Gratz, Analysis of Cereals for Iron (1994)1

David Johnson, Mass Spectroscopy (1995)

Shelly Feaver and Laura Masulo, Determination of Hardwaters (1995)1

Teri Meyer, Study of Herbal Teas (1995)

Preston Chmura, Determination of Caffeine in Colas by GC/MS (1996)1

Ali Nelson, Analysis of Cough and Cold Preparations by GC/MS (1996)1

Preston Chmura, 1-Bromohexane to 2--methyl-2-octene: A Means to Review Organic Chemistry (1997)3,4,5

Leon McWilliams, Analysis of Amino Acids Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrocopy (1997)1,2,5

Mark Mally, Extraction and Analysis of Nicotine from Tobacco (1998)1

Deborah Zeitlein, Separation and Analysis of Date Rape Drup (1999)R,5

In addition to the above on campus projects I have supervised over 20 off-campus internships.

Internships By Student Name and Place

Pharmacia: 8- Tim Burch '87, Randy Fronek '881,2, Rich Scopp, 881, Kim Sorenson,'891

Rimas Januosinis, '891, John Jackson, '901 Jen Hepker, '911, Tonia Symensma, '911

Argonne: Debbie Felt, '74, Greg Martis, '83, Heather Carlson, '901,2,$,4

Water Treatment: Karen Kwik,'77, Connie Hornbustle, '83, Mark Sattleburg, '81

Dial: Tina Guzman, '89

Upjohn: Jay Pogemiller, '83, John Nelson '85 & '86

Amoco: Dave Heinrichsmeyer '79, Dave Boures '80, Dave Corby '89, Kelly McCain '87

Rush Medical Center: Angela Campbell, '871

Local Dentist: Tom Piazza '83

Safety Kleen Corp: Tony Arrivio, '931
1 Student presented work at an ACCA Research Symposium
2 Student presented work at Chicago Section of American Chemical Society Reserach Symposium.
$ means the student received a prize for one of 2 best presentation, at ACS.
3 Student presented work at Argonne National Laboratory Fall Research Symposium
4 Student presented work at Great Lakes Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society Undergraduate Reserach Symposium.
5 Student presented work at Rall Sympoisum, North Central College
R Student had a Richter Fellowship for Research