These experiments have been developed to help students mature in the laboratory. The student should progress from being a chemistry student to being a functioning analytical chemist.

You will have to prepare solutions. You will have to think and make decisions. My goal is to work with each student so that all of us can learn and have fun.

The 2001 Edition of Laboratory Directions for Analytical Chemistry I is a revision of experiments that have been preformed by many students. Each experiment has challenges and rewards. Some of the experiments are found in Analytical Chemistry Textbooks.

The student should realize:

1) there still may be typographical errors present. Ask if you think that you found one. Please submit all typographical errors to me in writing.

2) These experiments have been tested and found to work at North Central College.

3) Everything that is in print is not necessarily true, and may not produce the desired results. Until you test the method, you can never be sure of the results.

If you find an additional experiment that you think would be good to include in this collection, please share it with me. A 2001 revision is being planned.

I am looking forward to working with you in the laboratory as we both learn some new chemistry and new techniques. Have a good term.

Anne T. Sherren, Ph.D.

January 19, 2001

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