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Laboratory Schedule for Spring 2001
    General Etiquette for Chemistry 210 Laboratory

Laboratory Objectives

List of Possible Determinations Using Thorn Smith Unknowns

General Laboratory Items
    1. North Central College Guide for Laboratory Notebooks
    2. Laboratory Rules
    3. Laboratory Suggestions
    4. Laboratory Course Guide
    5. Preparation and Use of Equipment
        1. Desiccator
        2. Burets
        3. Balance
        4. Weighing Bottles
        5. Deionized or Distilled Water
        6. Plastic for Covering Containers
        7. Community Equipment
        8. Good Planning
        9. Cleanliness

NCC Chemistry Department Laboratory Rules

List of Equipment for Analytical Chemistry I

Determination of Unknown Acid and Antacids
    A. Analytical Balance
    B. Preparation of Solutions
    C. Determination of Acid Base Ratio
    D. Standardization of Base with Potassium Acid Phthalate
    E. Determination of Unknown Acid
    F. Standardization of Acid
    G. Determination of Antacid Content

Unknown Chloride
    Preparation of Silver Nitrate Solution
    Gravimetric Chloride
    Volumetric Chloride
        Method of Aliquiots
        Adsorption Indicator Method
        Mohr Method
        Volhard Method

Determination of Copper
    Determination of Copper in Samples Using EDTA
    Electrolytic Determination of Copper Oxide
    Iodometric Determination of Copper Oxide
    Atomic Absorption Determination of Copper Oxide

Determination of Iron
    Volumetric Determination of Iron in an Ore
    Atomic Absorption Determination of Iron
    Determination of Iron Spectrophotometrically with 1,10 Phenolintrine

Determination of Arenic
    The Determination of Arsenic with Iodine
    Determination of Arsenic with Potassium Permanganate

Determination of Nickel
    Gravimetric Determination of Nickel
    Determination of Nickel by Direct Titration with EDTA
    AA Determination of Nickel

Volumetric Determination of Calcium with EDTA

The Analysis of a "Real Life Sample"

Table Giving Facts about Selected Concentrated Acids and Bases

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