Items in the drawer or small cabinet that the individual student is responsible for
1 30 mL beaker
1 50 mL beaker
1 100 mL beaker
1 150 mL beaker
1 250 mL beaker
1 400 mL beaker
1 600 mL beaker
4 bottles, weighing with tops to fit
1 bottle, clear glass - 5 pint
1 bottle, brown glass - 2 liter or 1 gallon
2 burets, 50 ml, at least one has a teflon stopcock
1 cylinder, graduated, 10 mL
1 cylinder, graduated, 100 mL
1 desiccator, with plate and lid
2 Erlenmeyer flask, 125 mL
4 Erlenmeyer flask, 250 mL wide mouth
1 funnel, buret
2 pipettes, 1 - 10 mL; 1 - 25 mL
1 spatula, metal
2 small stir bar
4 stirring rods, 6 mm to fit 600 mL beaker
4 watch glasses to fit beakers, ribbed
1 glass eyedropper and bulb
1 marking pen to write on glass

Items that are in the large cabinet, students are responsible for these items.

1 stirring hot plate
1 plastic squeeze bottle
1 buret stand and buret clamp

It is the responsibility of the student to check the equipment in the drawer and request any items that are missing on the first day of the term. After this time if the student breaks any item the student should sign the honor breakage list (used as a basis for ordering equipment) and request that the broken item be replaced. On the final laboratory period of the term it is the responsibility of the student to clean equipment, clean the drawers and cupboard, and to have the clean equipment checked by the instructor. Any missing items on the final day should also be listed on the breakage list.

This locker is complete. I have noted any chips on the above list. I understand that there is a $10.00 fee if I do not check out this locker prior to the final examination.


Date locker is accepted__________________________

Date checked prior to the final _________________

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