Fall 2000

CHM 100 Section 1 Taught By:
Dr. Anne Sherren
Office: Science 119 OfficeHours:
12:35-1:30 PM MWF and by appointment
Phone: 630-637-5193
Fax: 630-637-5180
e-mail: ats@noctrl.edu Class Meeting Times: M, W, F 10:40-11:50 in S-204 Laboratory Times:
Tues. 8-10 AM or Wed. 1:30-3:30 PM
Syllabus Grading Homework Paper/Project
News Reports Laboratory Schedule WebBoard
Guide 1 Guide 2 Guide 3 Guide 4
Laboratory Introduction Laboratory Grades and Laboratory Reports Term Paper Topics Approved Energy Diagram
Week One Lab Week Two Lab  Week Three Lab Week Four Lab
Week Five Lab Week Six lab Week Seven Lab Week Eight Lab
Week Nine Lab Week Ten Lab Periodic Table Reaction Types
Testtips1 Testtips 2 Final Tips Risk Perception
Ans. Ch.1 Ans Ch.2 Ans Ch 3 AnsCh4
Ans Ch. 6 Ans. Ch. 7 Ans. Ch. 8 AnsCh5
Ans Ch. 9 Ans. Ch. 10 Highpoints Ch. 9,10, 11 Ans Ch. 12
Presentation Schedule