Problems for Chapter 9 CT- 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 Due: 11/8/2000

1.Suppose an oil change every 4,000 miles. 3 changes per year and 4 quarts per change. Number of cars are 230,000,000. How many gallons of oil per month are dumped? . Also is this equal to an oil spill?

For one year 3 changes of one gallon each change x 230,000,000 cars. = 690,000,000 gallons per year or 5.75e+7 per month.

This is a lot of oil.

Valdez spill was 11 million gallons. This is 690 million gallons per year or 57 gallons per month

2.Discuss the problem of gasoline additives and what we can do if we make wrong decisions. The hindsight problem.

3.The ethical problem of buring vegetable matter including smoking.

The two programs are contradictive. See p. 591 of text. This is also an opinion question.

6. Discuss possible uses of old tires and other stable materials.

A discussion and opinion question.

7.Is the C-O or C=O bond more reactive and flexible.

The C-O bond is more flexible than the C=O bond.

The C=O bond is reactive.

8. Make and describe models of ethylene and acetylene.

9. Given CH3-CH=CH2, add water to the double bond.

One or more products?

Two products see p.591 OH


How to force or predict ratio?

Yes, control the conditions.


Problems for Chapter 10 CT: 1, 2, 9, 13, 15 Due 11/10/2000


1. Discussion of use of ethanol as a gasoline additive and substitution for gasoline and your opinion.


2. . Discussion of use of MTEB as a gasoline additive and substitution for gasoline and your opinion.



9. Discussion and list of hazaradous chemicals in the home.

A list and discussion and an opinion needed.

make a list and think of substitutes.

13. Will you use gasahol and reasons.

an opinion question Support with facts.

15. Look at the reaction of acetic acid and water. Page 260

Discuss the concepts of equilibrium.

distill the ethyl acetate